Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Lack of blogging.

Man, I haven't blogged in a lifetime. I wonder how my blog managed to get over 13,000 views??! What are you internet creepers looking at???!!!..... My life can't be that entertaining. :) However, since apparently it is... maybe i'll make more of an effort to update this thing more often. That way when the count goes up... I can hope that it's not people reading over my dumb younger selves posts. Here's to hoping!

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

How my parents taught me to love books

Ever since we were very small my mom would drag all of us to the library. I wonder what the librarians at the Lawrence Kansas public library must have thought when this young looking 4'9 women would walk in with 5 or 6 rowdy children in tow. We would fill our bags with books and I mean books and books sometimes the recipt paper would stretch for miles.
She wouldn't stop there though she would sit down with us almost every night to read to us. Stacks of books...sometimes so tired she would drift off the middle of a story and instead start sharing a her dreams out loud with us :)
My dad taught to care for books. How to open them the right way. To never and I mean never drop a book off the top bunk.
He taught the best way to stack and store them; to not stress the spines.
He told us never to eat with a book or we'd get grease on the pages.
I am grateful for them. They are probably the reason I get cravings to go to the  .  Library!

Saturday, May 9, 2015

My theory

skinny and angry theory:
Question: Why do some people work so hard to lose weight; but after they lose it become meaner?
This is because they thought once they lost the weight they would be happy. Now that it's gone and they see they still aren't happy. Thus they become meaner.

Don't look for happiness in the wrong places.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Cafeteria worker

At the start of this semester for the first time in forever I got a job that did not involve books or newspapers. A job where I actually somewhat get to talk to people. 
Working at the MTC cafeteria has been great. I loved my awesome coworkers. The leftover food. And seeing missionaries is pretty swell. Getting up at 6 am has not been my favorite.. but I'll live. 

If we work super great we can earn what are known as 'stars of the day'. Which you can redeem for the 'really good' food. I love to tease my coworkers with gross suggestions of how I am going to use my stars. For example Jalapeno cheese bagel with mixed berry cream cheese or a bowl of cottage cheese covered prunes. Or for the burnt pieces of bacon. Or the weird looking pancakes. 

We also enjoy things like dancing when the missionaries aren't looking. Stirring the oatmeal in the giant pots and laughing like evil witches. Or finding the weird things that missionaries write on napkins. My personal favorite being when someone wrote "I want you and your beautiful soul -Lucifer". haha... missionaries. The only way this work goes forward is that it is true. 

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Study music

As of late it seems that everything I once swore against is actually maybe not so bad?? weird?
I used to think that study music was lame and didn't work...that it was or squares! However these past few days I have been trying it out... and it actually seems to be working. :O! I was shocked the first time when I manged to sit down write a WHOLE five paper without checking social media or making up excuses to do something. It's a theory I am still working on. But I think I am on the path of becoming a believer.

My favorite so far is: